How to File a Report

You can file a police report and/or a Title IX complaint about sexual misconduct you experienced.

If you'd like help making a report, call Safe Passage at 815-756-5228 or the NIU confidential advisor at 815-753-1206. Both resources can assist you in making a report to the police and/or the Title IX coordinator. They can also attend your meeting with an officer or investigator.

File a Police Report

Call 911 to file a police report. A dispatcher will connect you to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The following agencies may respond:

Next, you'll meet with a police officer to discuss what happened. The officer will give you information about services and resources. An official police report will be generated. If the incident is determined to be criminal in nature, the police may continue to investigate.

When the investigation is complete, criminal charges may be brought against the alleged offender. You may be asked to sign a formal criminal complaint against the alleged offender. No one can be required to sign a formal criminal complaint.

File a Title IX Complaint

You can file a Title IX complaint online. After you submit the complaint, you may meet with an investigator in a private setting. You'll discuss what happened and get information on resources available to you.

If an investigation is opened, the accused person will be notified and interviewed. You can request protective measures during an investigation, such as a campus no-contact order or changes to living or academic arrangements.

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