Responsible Employee

The university is obligated to address acts of sexual misconduct of which a responsible employee knew or should have known occurred. A "responsible employee" is any employee who:

  • Has the authority to take action to address sexual misconduct.
  • Has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct or any other misconduct by students.
  • A student could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.

At NIU, "responsible employees" include, but are not limited to, faculty members, administrators (deans, department chairs, directors, vice presidents, etc.), community advisors (CA's), residence life administration, complex coordinators, hall directors, faculty advisors, police officers, building service workers, dining hall employees and administrative professionals.

If an employee is unsure whether they are a responsible employee, they are required to contact the Title IX coordinator.


A responsible employee must report to the Title IX coordinator all relevant details of sexual misconduct that an individual has shared with them.

Before a person reveals information that they may wish to keep confidential, a responsible employee should make every effort to ensure that the person understands:

  • The employee's obligation to report the information that the person shares with the Title IX Coordinator regarding the incident, including the name of the respondent and person involved in the sexual misconduct.
  • The person's ability to obtain confidential resources, including an advocate.
  • The person's rights and options to formally report what they experienced, including a complaint to the Title IX Coordinator or law enforcement.

What to Report

When reporting an incident to the Title IX coordinator, a responsible employee should be prepared to discuss the following information:

  • Name of the alleged offender(s).
  • Name of the alleged victim/survivor.
  • Name(s) of others involved (i.e. potential witnesses).
  • Relevant facts related to the incident, including date, time and location.
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