Sexual Misconduct Resources

The university prohibits all students, faculty and staff from engaging in sexual misconduct. This prohibition is consistent with state law and Title IX, which is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. NIU employees and students are subject to Title IX.

The Ethics and Compliance Office website includes a section on sexual misconduct. It provides information about the Sexual Misconduct Policy, Title IX and how NIU complies with it. The Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention website provides guidance to people who have experienced sexual misconduct, or want to help someone who has. Together, the sites provide a complete resource for NIU administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Learn More About NIU's Sexual Misconduct Policy

The university prohibits sexual misconduct including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating, violence, stalking, and sex or gender harassment. Read complete definitions of prohibited conduct.

Some NIU employees are considered responsible employees and must report sexual misconduct to the Title IX coordinator. When this occurs, the Title IX coordinator will contact the victim/survivor to discuss available supportive measures and how to file a formal complaint with the university.

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