Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention

Ongoing Presentations

Planned presentations take place throughout the year. You can also request presentations for your department or organization.

Returning Student: Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Training

NIU provides all students with online awareness training to educate NIU students surrounding common student concerns and NIU policies regarding prohibited sexual misconduct behavior.

Active Bystander

The active bystander workshop encourages Huskies to engage in healthy campus culture surrounding violence and sexual misconduct. During this workshop, we will learn about the basics of sexual misconduct and the ways to help fellow Huskies be active bystanders. We will also talk about peer advocacy, resources and ways to report misconduct. It takes all of us to start the conversation and change the culture!

Behind the Post: Relationships Don’t Just Live Online

The Behind the Post: Relationships Don't Just Live on Social Media workshop will illuminate the impact of technology and social media on relationships. We will discuss how technology and social media can be used to control a partner or disguise an unhealthy relationship. Participants will learn tools they can use to intervene if they see unhealthy behaviors in a friend's relationship or their own.

Love Labyrinth: Navigating Relationships

Love Labyrinth: Navigating Relationships workshop will help people understand the signs of emotional abuse and the controlling and threatening behavior patterns that can show up in everyday situations. This workshop will provide a framework for people to talk about healthy and unhealthy behaviors they may experience in their own lives or see in a friend's relationship. We will have a conversation about what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like and discuss tools to lead healthier relationships.

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