Implicit Bias Training

NIU's implicit bias training is called Achieving Excellence in Recruiting: Reducing Implicit Bias in Search Committees. This training emphasizes best practices for diversity in NIU's hiring process. It covers the following topics:

  • Key definitions related to bias and diversity
  • The role of search committee members
  • The impact unconscious assumptions could have on the search process
  • Strategies to limit or avoid implicit bias affecting a search committee

The training is available on Blackboard. It includes three 15-minute videos and a brief quiz.

Do I Need to Take the Training?

If you're on a search committee for a faculty or supportive professional staff (SPS) position, you must complete the training. The training is good for a year, during which time you can serve on as many search committees as needed. When the year is up, you must retake the training before you can serve on another search committee.

Though not required, we encourage faculty and staff who are not serving on search committees to complete the training each year. This will raise awareness of the negative impact of implicit bias and help prevent delays in the search process.

How to Take the Training

To take the training, have a department designee send the names of those who need to take it to We'll arrange for access to the training. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Select Organizations.
  3. Select Achieving Excellence in Recruiting: Reducing Implicit Bias in Search Committees.
  4. Watch the first video all the way through and select Yes to verify you've watched it. Select Submit and refresh the page to go to the next video.
  5. Take the 10-question quiz and get a score of at least 80%. You can take the quiz as many times as needed.
  6. Verify your score in the Blackboard gradebook, then contact to let us know you're done (or ask your department designee to do so).

Frequently Asked Questions

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