Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 2

Learning Objectives (Competencies)

 2.1 The course learning objectives, or course/program competencies, describe outcomes that are measurable.
 2.2 The module/unit learning objectives or competencies describe outcomes that are measurable and consistent with the course-level objectives and competencies.
 2.3 Learning objectives or competencies are stated clearly, are written from the learner's perspective, and are prominently located in the course.
 2.4 The relationship between learning objectives or competencies and learning activities is clearly stated.
 2.5 The learning objectives or competencies are suited to the level of the course.

Creating Learning Objectives

  • Course and module level objectives describe what students will learn (2.1, 2.2)
  • Course and module level objectives are written from the student's perspective with student-friendly language (2.3)
  • Course and module level objectives are observable - use Bloom's taxonomy and action verbs (2.1, 2.2)
  • Course and module level objectives are measurable (2.1, 2.2)
  • Course and module level objectives are appropriate for the level of the course (2.5)
  • Learning objectives are prominently placed at the beginning of the course or module as appropriate (2.3)


  • Course learning objectives form a foundation for the rest of the course design, to align with assessments, materials, activities, and technology (2.1)
  • Module learning objectives support the course level objectives (2.2)
  • The relationship between the learning objectives and the other alignment components is clearly communicated throughout the course (not just in the syllabus) (2.4)

Tips (Recommended strategies to consider)

  • Include a table to demonstrate how course and module level objectives are aligned with one another
  • Create a numbering system for course level objectives to include in assignment and activity descriptions, to demonstrate alignment

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