Online and Blended Program Definitions

Consistent with the Online Learning Consortium's e-learning definitions are the following definitions for online and blended programs at NIU:

Online Program

"NIU defines online programs as those in which all credits required to complete the program are offered as fully online courses. Students can complete the program completely at a distance, with no required face-to-face meetings. Fully online programs are designed with the truly distant student in mind."

Blended Program

"NIU defines blended programs as those in which a significant percentage, but not all of the credits required for program completion are offered fully online. Typically, up to 30 percent of the curriculum may be offered as face-to-face or hybrid courses or other face-to-face formats or as independent study. These programs provide increased access to distant students who are able to come to campus for some courses, laboratory work, intensive residencies, or other occasional group sessions. Ideally, face-to-face sessions will be organized to minimize travel requirements for distant students."

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