Checklist for Meeting Quality Matters Standard 1

Course Overview and Introduction

 1.1 Instructions make clear how to get started and where to find various course components.
 1.2 Learners are introduced to the purpose and structure of the course.
 1.3 Communication guidelines for online discussions, email, and other forms of interaction are clearly stated.
 1.4 Course and institutional policies with which the learner is expected to comply are clearly stated within the course, or a link to current policies is provided.
 1.5 Minimum technology requirements for the course are clearly stated, and information on how to obtain the technologies is provided.
 1.6 Technical skills and digital information literacy skills expected of the learner are clearly stated.
 1.7 Required prior knowledge in the discipline and/or any required competencies are clearly stated in the course site.
 1.8 The self-introduction by the instructor is welcoming and is available in the course site.
 1.9 Learners have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Welcome or Getting Started Content

  • Create a welcome or informative page as a course entry point (1.1, 1.2)
  • Create a course tour (1.1, 1.2)
  • Create an introduction of yourself (1.8)
  • Students have specific steps on how to get started (1.1)
  • Students are introduced to the purpose, structure, and policies of the course (1.2, 1.4)
  • Students have an opportunity to interact with each other early and are provided with interaction expectations (1.3, 1.9)
  • Technology requirements are clearly stated and instructions on how to purchase, download, and install any required software or plug-ins are provided (1.5)
  • Statements on how students will need to use various technologies within the course are included, providing an understanding of the proficiency level needed (1.6, 1.7)
  • The computer peripherals required for the course are easy for students to purchase, like webcams or microphones, and required specifications are provided (1.5)

Tips (Recommended strategies to consider)

  • Provide student with information on the prerequisite knowledge required for this course (1.6)
  • Provide students with information on the expected technical skills required for this course (1.7)

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