We want you to succeed at NIU.

You'll receive guidance from an academic advisor and have access to tutoring and other sources of academic support. Learn about all the resources and services we offer to guide you toward success.

Exploring Majors and Careers

Deciding on a major is an important step in your college career. Until you declare your major, you'll work with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) to help you find the program that's right for you. An AAC advisor can also help if you ever want to change your major.

When considering majors, it's important to learn about related careers. Use the following websites to get employment data on NIU graduates from different majors, such as occupation, salary and amount of student debt:

Working with Your Advisor

After you've declared your major, you'll work with an academic advisor in your college:

Learn more about working with your advisor:

Student Career Success Map

Our student career success map is your guide to figuring out "what to do when" in order to complete your educational and career goals. Use it as a roadmap for success at NIU.


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