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General Education Committee
(FS Bylaws, Article 4.6.2)

Membership of GEC

4.6. Standing Committees of the Baccalaureate Council

4.6.1 General Faculty members appointed to a standing committee by a college curriculum committee shall serve a three-year, renewable term beginning in the fall semester. Terms of college appointees shall be staggered. Student members on the committees shall serve one-year, renewable terms beginning in the fall semester.

4.6.2 General Education Committee Composition

(A) Faculty Representation

1.  Three faculty representatives from the Baccalaureate Council shall be chosen by the faculty of the Baccalaureate Council. 

2.  One faculty representative shall be appointed by the curriculum committee of each undergraduate degree-granting college except the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

3.  Three faculty representatives shall be appointed by the curriculum committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including one from the humanities, one from the social sciences, and one from the other sciences.

4.  The chair shall be elected by the voting members of the General Education Committee and shall serve a one-year renewable term beginning in the fall semester.

(B) Student Representation

Student members shall be selected by the General Education Committee from:

1.  Nominees submitted by the student advisory committees (SAC) of the undergraduate degree-granting colleges. An annual fall deadline will be set to facilitate the nomination from each college's SAC.

2.  If the SAC nomination deadline passes, without reaching the maximum representation of three students, then the General Education Committee may nominate students, from across undergraduate degree-granting colleges, to sit on the committee. If the General Education Committee nominates a student from a college, the SAC from that college can no longer select a college representative.

The total number of student members selected to sit on the General Education Committee, from the nominees recruited directly by the committee and the nominees submitted by the SACs, shall not be greater than three students. 

(C) Administrative Representation

1.  One advisor shall be elected by and from the persons with overall responsibility for undergraduate advisement in each of the undergraduate degree-granting colleges and the Academic Advising Center. The person shall serve ex officio without a vote.

2.  The following shall serve ex officio without a vote: the vice provost responsible for undergraduate education and one designee of the provost from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Duties

(A) To monitor and evaluate the university general education program.

(B) To recommend policies and procedures to manage both the general education program as a whole and individual components of that program.

(C) To make suggestions to colleges and departments regarding improvements that can be made in the general education curricula.

(D) To approve the addition or removal of courses from the general education curriculum.

(E) To oversee the improvement, including the design, of the general education program and of individual components of that program.

(F) To report its work to the Baccalaureate Council.


General Education Committee
The GEC typically meets virtually on the third Thursday of the month, 12:30-3 p.m.
2023-24 meeting dates: Sep 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 21, Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 21, Apr 18.
Meeting Minutes

BC Faculty 
*Alicia Schatteman *Rod Caughron
BC Faculty 
John Evar Strid Sina Ehsani
BC Faculty
Margaret (Margee) Myles Beth McGowan
Yipeng Liu for Setterstrom Sina Ehsani for Liu for Setterstrom
Fall-Stephanie DeSpain Baker
Spring-David Walker
Stephanie DeSpain Baker
Stephanie DeSpain Baker
Engineering & Eng. Technology
Shun Takai Shun Takai Shun Takai
Health and Human Sciences
Marcia Cooke
Anitha Saravanan Anitha Saravanan Anitha Saravanan
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Social Sciences
Shane Sharp
Shane Sharp
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Natural Sciences Dennis Brown for Chakraborty
Dennis Brown for Chakraborty
Liberal Arts & Sciences - Humanities
Christina Abreu Stan Arnold
Stan Arnold
Stan Arnold
Visual & Performing Arts
Jui-Ching Wang Fall-Stanton Davis
Spring-Jui-Ching Wang
Jui-Ching Wang
Students (3)
Allison Zaker, BUS
Emily Romancew, EET
Angelica Navarrete, LAS
Allison Zaker, BUS
Deja Miles, HHS
Hasina Jefferson, LAS
Advisor per
Steve Estes
Chris Lowe
+ Vice Provost responsible for undergraduate education
Omar Ghrayeb Alicia Schatteman
+ One designee of the provost from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
Jason Rhode Amy Buhrow

*   chair
+  ex officio, nonvoting

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