Purchasing Accessible Technology

The Procure to Purchase Order (P2PO) process to purchase electronic and information technology (EIT) includes determining a product's accessibility. This helps us meet legal requirements and ensures that students, faculty and staff with disabilities will be able to use it.

A product's Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®) shows compliance with accessibility law by detailing how products meet Section 508 requirements. The Information Technology Industry Council hosts the official versions of the VPAT®.

If there are criteria labeled "Supports with Exceptions" or "Not Supported," then the product is not fully accessible.

If you have questions about a VPAT®, contact the Information Technology Accessibility Officer at it-accessibility@niu.edu

Achieving Compliance

As campus requesters make accessibility a factor when choosing EIT, NIU's technology will become more accessible. Vendors will make their products accessible because the higher education market demands it. Accessibility will become part of technology, not an option.