Prohibited Political Activity

State employees are not permitted to intentionally perform prohibited political activity during compensated time, excluding vacation, personal, or compensatory time off. State property or resources, including the use of university email, shall not be used to engage in political activity.

Political activity includes any activity in support of or in connection with any campaign for elective office or any political organization. Examples of prohibited political activity include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in any political meeting, rally, or event.
  • Campaigning for an elective office or for or against any referendum question.
  • Soliciting contributions and/or votes on behalf of a political candidate.
  • Distributing campaign literature or other campaign materials.

Please note this prohibition does not include displaying political buttons, stickers, or patches while on university property, provided that such display by any member of the faculty in an instructional setting is for a purpose relevant to the subject of instruction; attending a partisan political rally, provided that the employee is not on duty; or displaying a partisan bumper sticker on their motor vehicle.

Please contact the ethics officer with any questions related to prohibited political activity.