Statements of Economic Interest

Depending on your duties at NIU, you may need to complete two forms related to your economic interests. The Statement of Economic Interest form is required by the Illinois Secretary of State's Office, and a supplemental form is required by the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission. Those required to complete the forms will be contacted annually in March regarding this requirement.

What is Being Asked?

In March, filers are asked to complete the forms for the prior calendar year (the previous January to December). The forms ask for disclosures about ownership or interest in any entity doing business in the state of Illinois, income from providing professional services or involvement with professional organizations, real estate income/capital gains, economic connections with lobbyists, outside employment or involvement (private and public/government), and gifts.

Examples of what would require disclosure include the following:

  • Ownership of real estate or rental property (other than your personal residence).
  • Investments in mutual funds or single stock (if valued over $5,000).
  • Outside legal, medical, or other practice/professional services.
  • Outside consulting activities.
  • Capital gains.
  • Government employment (other than NIU).
  • Gifts received with a value greater than $500.
  • A director or officer position held with an outside organization (employment, volunteer).

Who Must File

You must complete the forms if you:

  • Are a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • Are the head of a department or other unit.
  • Supervise or are responsible for the creation or execution of contracts in the amount of $5,000 or more.
  • Have authority to issue administrative rules and regulations.
  • Decide or review judicial or administrative proceedings.
  • Supervise 20 or more employees.

Read a detailed description of the criteria in the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, 5 ILCS 420 (section 4A-101).

How to File

Follow these instructions to file the forms online. There is no need to submit copies of the forms to the Ethics and Compliance Office, though you should save copies for your files.

Statement of Economic Interest

In March, you'll receive a letter from the Secretary of State's Office at your home address. Use the instructions and PIN number in the letter to file the Statement of Economic Interest online.

Read more about filing the Statement of Economic Interest.  

Supplemental Statement of Economic Interest

In March, you'll receive an email from the Executive Ethics Commission at your NIU email address. Follow the instructions in the email to log in and file the supplemental statement online. If you don't receive the email, contact for assistance. To log in, use your A-ID email address, not your email alias.

Read more about filing the supplemental statement.

Late Filing Penalties

As the deadline approaches, information about penalties is provided to the required filers. Both forms are due in May for the prior calendar year. If you don't file completed documents on time, you'll face penalties from the Secretary of State's Office.


If you have any questions about the forms or filing requirements, contact:

Sarah Garner
Ethics and Compliance Officer