Procurement Services and Contract Management

Commercial Card Program Administrative Files

Arranged By: Chronological by issue date: Alphabetical by last name of card holder
Application Number: 89-23
Item Number: 205.01


This record series consists of files maintained by the office of Procurement Services and Contract Management as administrator of the Northern Illinois University's (NIU) Commercial Card Program. This program enables fulltime faculty, staff, and graduate student employees to request purchase cards designated for qualified supplies, small equipment, and/or travel-related expenditures pursuant to the provisions of the State Finance Act (30 ILCS 105 et seq.), Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500 et seq.), and in accordance with Illinois Higher Education Travel Control Board Regulations (80 Ill. Adm. Code 2900 et seq.) and NIU's Commercial Card Program Policies and Procedures. There are three types of cards: purchase and travel (P-Card), travel only (T-Card), and declining balance (DB-Card, which is a one-time use card with a set limit based on budgeted expenditures for group trips and/or functions).

Contents of this record series may include but are not limited to: cardholder applications, Commercial Card Agreements, change request forms, returned card forms, exception request forms, training materials and records, and any other related supporting documents and correspondence


Retain for six (6) years after date of card revocation or expiration. whichever is later, then destroy or delete/over-write in a secure manner pursuant to the provisions of 44 Ill. Adm. Code 4400.40, provided all audits have been completed, if necessary; no litigation is pending or anticipated; and upon receipt of an approved State of Illinois Records Disposal Certificate.

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