Personnel/Director's Office (Human Resource Services)

Budget and Fiscal Administration Records

Arranged By:   Chronological
Application Number:   89-24
Item Number:   140.02


This record series includes vouchers, schedules, requisitions, bills, purchase orders, and various budget printouts.  University-wide copies of these forms are maintained by the Accounting Office.


Retain in office for three (3) years, then dispose of provided all audits have been completed under the supervision of the Auditor General, if necessary, and no litigation is pending or anticipated.

Union Contracts

Arranged By:   By year and union
Application Number:   89-24
Item Number:   140.04


This record series consists of the University-wide record copies of contracts between each union which represents the civil service workers and the university.


Retain in office for two (2) years after expiration of contract, then offer to the University Archives for possible accessioning.  If offer is rejected, dispose of upon discretion of office.

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