Internal Auditor

Audit Reports

Arranged By: Alphabetical by office, then Chronological
Application Number: 89-22
Item Number: 140.01


This record series consists of reports of internal audits conducted by the University's Office of Internal Audit on various accounts in the University's departmental budgets. Also included are related work papers.


Retain in office for six (6) years, then dispose of provided all audits have been completed under the supervision of the Auditor General, if necessary, and no litigation is pending or anticipated.

Computer Programming Changes

Arranged By:  Chronological
Application Number:  89-22
Item Number:  140.03


This record series consists of Requests for Programming and Systems Services which must be completed whenever an office wishes to change its computer accounting system. These forms originate from the Computing Services Office and are sent to the Internal Audit Office solely for informational purposes.


Retain in office for five (5) years or until expiration of administrative value, whichever is longer, then dispose of.

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