Insurance/Risk Management

Policy and Claim Files

Arranged By:   Alphabetical by coverage/claimant and Chronological (closed cases)
Application Number:   89-23
Item Number:   240.01


This record series consists of the policy and claim files maintained by the Office of Insurance/Risk Management.  The files contain all documents generated in the disposition of general liability cases (e.g. athletic injuries) involving Northern Illinois University.  Specific examples of records include notifications of pending litigation from the prosecuting attorney; correspondence with NIU attorneys and/or insurance companies; testimonies (e.g. statement from claimants’ physician); and final disposition of claim.


Retain in office for ten (10) years after the final settlement of closure of the corresponding claim, then dispose of providing all audits have been completed under the supervision of the Auditor General, if necessary, and no litigation is pending or anticipated.

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