Logo Usage Guidelines

Clear Space Buffer

A minimum amount of space is required around all edges of the NIU logo to buffer it from other graphics and type. The space between the logo and all typography (with the exception of the tagline and sub-branding of colleges), other logos, graphics and photos should be equivalent to or greater than the width of the brandmark (illustrated at right).

Logo clear space buffer

Minimum Size

Use the NIU brandmark and wordmark on all materials. To maximize legibility, the brandmark may not appear smaller than shown in the examples here..

Logo Minimum size


In order to ensure the legibility of the university logo, place it on background images with simple, uniform fields of color. Avoid placing it on visually complex photography or patterns. If needed, place the logo within a solid, single-colored box over the background.

Logo legibility

Improper Usage

Below are examples of logo modifications that are not acceptable for use.

Logo improper usage

Tagline Improper Usage

Improper taglineThe NIU tagline should not function as an independent logo; do not separate the tagline graphic from the logo lockup. When displaying the tagline copy outside of the logo, it should be typeset in either Gotham or Chronicle — never in Lucida Bright.

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