Logo Configurations

To give designers flexibility, the university logo is available with and without the tagline and in three configurations:
vertical, horizontal and extreme horizontal.

NIU logo configurations

Logo Downloads

Color Variations

NIU 4-color logos4-Color positive logos
Use the 4-color positive logo on white or light-colored backgrounds.

NIU 4-color logos reversed4-color reversed logos
Use the 4-color reversed logo only on dark backgrounds.

NIU 2-color logos2-color logos
A 2-color logo is also available. Use this black-and-white logo on light, non-white backgrounds for print communications and apparel where a limited number of colors are available. Do not use 2-color logos in digital communications.

NIU 1-color logos

1-color logos

Single-color logos are available for print communications and merchandise when color production is limited. Do not use single-color logos in digital communications. Black (positive) versions are for use on white and lightcolored backgrounds. White (reversed) versions are for use on dark backgrounds. Do not use 1-color logos in any color other than black or white. The tagline should always appear the same color as the logo.

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