Brand Voice

How we sound

The NIU voice is how we want to sound. Use language carefully and craft your writing to express our brand personality, taking into consideration content and tone.

Our brand personality is personalized, inviting and charged. Read more about brand personality and examples.

Content is the message — the points you want to make within a communication to inform and inspire your reader to take action. Content can be anything from informing students of test requirements to information about housing. When appropriate, include one or more NIU key strengths and benefits as part of your content.

Tone is the variation of voice you might use depending on the audience and medium. For example, an email explaining the steps to apply for financial aid will sound different than a Facebook post announcing a Huskie pep rally.

Voice = how we sound

Personality = what we're like

Content = the message

Tone = variation in voice based on audience and medium

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