The University Logo

The NIU logo is central to institutional branding. Consistent and correct use of this logo significantly contributes to maintaining and strengthening the identity and reputation of NIU.

The university logo is composed of two parts: the NIU brandmark and the NIU wordmark. These parts combine to make a logo that identifies the university to the world. Never use the brandmark alone to represent the university except in specific cases, which must be approved in advance by University Marketing.

NIU logo

The Role of a Logo

A university logo serves to identify messaging with a “signature” of that institution. Generally, the logo appears at or near the bottom of the page and, occasionally, elsewhere. The logo should not be used as or incorporated into a heading within a message.

Logo Downloads

Logo for Email Signature

Our logo with the tagline is an opportunity to say something bold about ourselves that differentiates us from other universities. Through consistent use, we build up the strength and equity of our tagline.

NIU logo with tagline

Exceptions to the Rule

Do not use the logo with tagline in signage, non-student-focused communications or when the size of the tagline becomes too small to be easily legible, such as on small premium items. When in doubt, please consult with University Marketing at

When to Use the NIU Logo with Tagline

Recruitment (Prospective Student) Communications

A general rule of thumb is to use the logo with tagline whenever possible, especially in communications that target an audience outside of the university. For example, use the NIU logo with tagline in advertising, on our website, in the view book or in other recruiting materials that can benefit from the tagline.

Retainment (Current Student) Communications

The general rule of thumb is to use the logo with tagline whenever possible to reinforce the benefit of remaining a student at NIU. For example, campus posters, flyers, course information, financial aid or student housing communications, letterheads and more can benefit from the logo with tagline.

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