Graphic Elements

Shield Pattern

A brand pattern composed of the shield shape of our logo is available for use as a background texture and to add visual interest to large areas of negative space.

How to Use

Always use the pattern in low contrast on backgrounds of no more than 15% black. Alternatively, on black backgrounds the pattern may be used as a minimum 80% tint of black. Always maintain the scale of the pattern so that the individual shapes are small and blend together to create an even color and texture. Maintaining this scale and low level of contrast is critical to avoid the pattern appearing busy or overbearing.

For access to the shield parttern files, please contact University Marketing at

Shield pattern

Containment Devices

Two styles of graphic containment devices are available to help segment and highlight content within communications.

Highlight Frame

The highlight frame is a black background surrounded by a thick NIU Red rule. Use it to call attention to a self-contained idea or story.

Shield Frame

The hexagon-shaped shield frame uses our gray (Pantone 422) around a white background. Use it to create a strong focal point and draw attention to a message. The shield frame should always maintain the same proportions as the university logo shield. Do not distort the shield frame in any way.

Containment devices
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