Business Cards

Faculty and Staff

Business cardsBusiness cards are available through Document Services and must be ordered through the online storefront. Use your Novell login to access order information. If you have questions or need help, call Document Services at 815-753-1692.

All business cards printed by Document Services have a standard design to ensure consistency and brand identity. The reverse side of business cards may include faculty and staff dual appointments or job titles with other campus units or foreign translation of information on the front side of the card. The reverse side can also include a QR Code and/or personal URL that links to a specific website, landing page or personal online profile webpage that contains additional information about the individual or campus resources. In certain circumstances the reverse side may indicate associations with scholarly titles or organizations directly related to an individual's position and/or work with the university. Other logos are discouraged and would need to be approved by University Marketing.

Students employed by campus units are considered staff and may order business cards that list only their official job title and campus-unit contact information. Student employee business cards must be approved by the appropriate human resources staff or campus department/unit employer.

Student Networking Cards

Student networking cardsCampus units may purchase networking cards for students who are representing their department, college, school, division or institute at a conference, presentation or other outreach and at public-engagement events and activities. With the exception of telephone numbers, only campus unit contact information, such as college, department, degree sought, year of anticipated graduation, department mail address and campus email address, may appear on the card. Students' respective campus unit(s) are responsible for the purchase of student networking cards. Contact Document Services at 815-753-1692 to order.

Volunteer Cards

Volunteer cardsCampus units may order business cards for individuals who volunteer their time to the campus or are engaged in special projects or initiatives on behalf of a campus unit. The card must include the name of the department, college or campus unit the volunteer is serving and the volunteer's personal contact information (home address, phone and email). Contact Document Services at 815-753-1692 to order.

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