Imagery is one of our strongest opportunities for creating an emotional connection. It provides a platform to engage with our audience and reflects NIU's personality traits:

  • Personalized
  • Inviting
  • Charged

Read more information on our brand personality.

Image Library

From buildings and landscapes to students and faculty, you can access a variety of photos from the Image Library. If you cannot locate a suitable image in the library, you can request assistance in locating an image or schedule a photographer. For help with the Image Library, contact


Sample photos

Original Photography When original photography is needed, we recommend using the professional photographers in Institutional Communications. Their expertise in lighting and composition is essential for creating dynamic and engaging photos. Discussing the project ahead of time with the creative team can help focus the direction of the photography. For photo assignments, contact

Professional Headshots

We understand the importance of having a professional photo in today's digital age and are pleased to offer annual opportunities to faculty, staff and students with a photobooth at our NIU career fairs. Please visit our Photography and Video webpage for upcoming photobooth events. If you are not able to have a professional headshot taken, photos submitted should be of a single, forward-facing subject and not a cropped group photo or selfie. Neutral backgrounds and natural lighting work best, and photos should be taken at large-format or high-resolution settings. Do not add filters or manipulate the photo. Photos that are not within university standards will not be used.

Selecting imagery

Always select photos that reinforce NIU's brand personality and narrative. Imagery should convey student engagement that is authentic and creates an emotional connection with our audience. Look for photos that are warm and full of spirit and energy. Only select photos that have adequate image resolution.

Selecting imagery
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