Course Policies

Course policies are an important source of information on requirements for completing and submitting assignments, deadlines for course activities, policies on when and how you can or cannot collaborate on course activities and assignments, requirements for exams, and how to use citations in written materials.

Review the syllabus

When you receive the syllabus for a course at the beginning of a term, review it fully and familiarize yourself with all the course policies and requirements. If you are not clear about any policies or requirements, ask your instructor for further clarification so that you do not unintentionally violate any policies.

Check Your Understanding

Can I be accused of cheating because I didn't know the course policies?

Yes, for example, using a calculator during an exam can be considered as cheating, when the policy clearly prohibits you from using any electronic devices during the exam.

(More exam guidelines will be provided later.)

Along with course policies, you also need to be aware of departmental, college, and university policies on academic requirements, computer labs, or other resources that may be applicable to you or your coursework. Check with your advisor or the university personnel in charge of the facilities and resources about these general policies.