Cheating involves unauthorized use of information, materials, devices, sources or practices in completing academic activities. Examples of cheating include the following:

  • Copying exams or assignments from others or allowing others to copy from your work
  • Using crib sheets, notes, books and other materials in exams when not authorized to use them
  • Working collaboratively when required to work independently
  • Using calculators, mobile devices, laptops and other devices when not authorized to use them
  • Using approved devices for unauthorized purposes, such as storing answers in a programmable calculator when calculators are allowed in the exam only for performing calculations
  • Asking others (friends, siblings, parents) to complete your academic activities
  • Signaling answers to others or receiving signals from others in completing an exam
  • Obtaining exam questions from another student who had taken the same exam earlier
  • Documenting exam questions in a student society or organization for others to obtain and cheat from in the future
  • Purchasing answers or papers for assignments from the web and other sources
  • Using unauthorized materials or procedures in completing experiments and other activities
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