Technology Issues

Technologies, ranging from basic calculators and advanced computers to discipline-specific equipment, have become an integral part of teaching and learning. A lack of familiarity with particular technologies and the policies related to their use can lead to suspicion of academic dishonesty.

Login IDs and passwords

Protect your computer login IDs and passwords; do not share them with anyone.

Unauthorized devices

You should familiarize yourself with course policies regarding the use of electronic devices and other equipment during exams. Use of unauthorized devices during an exam may be considered cheating.

Rule to Remember

Use of university computing facilities by unauthorized users is considered to be a violation of university policies.

Computer labs

Exercise caution when using software in general access computer labs or when using computers that belong to someone else. The previous user's software property settings may automatically be included in your documents, giving the appearance that your documents were created by someone else.

Document management

When you finish using computers in general access computer labs, make sure to print and/or save your work on portable memory devices, such CDs or USB devices. Before leaving the computer, delete your files from the desktop and other publicly accessible locations. Also remember to empty the recycle bin on the computer desktop, so other users cannot access your deleted files.

Printing in computer labs

When you send your work to the printers in general access computer labs, take your printouts, including incorrect ones, with you. Discarding printouts in wastebaskets or recycling bins in public areas creates an opportunity for others to take your work.


Using a software registered in another person's name can result in that person's name to be automatically included in your documents as the author, if the software properties are not reset.

Backup files

Maintaining a backup of your computer files and printouts is a good idea in case the original files are corrupted, lost or deleted accidentally.

System clock

When submitting assignments online to your instructor, always make sure the system clock is set correctly. Even if you submit your assignments by the actual deadline, your assignment may be marked late if the date and time on the system clock are incorrect.

Rule to Remember

Backup your files often.

Internet sources

If you use Internet sources in your work, maintain a record of those sources, including a record of URLs, dates accessed, and printouts of the source materials. This will protect you in case the Internet sources you used in your work are deleted or the URLs are changed.

Online tests or quizzes

Familiarize yourself fully with the procedure for taking online tests and quizzes, including how to protect yourself in case you are disconnected from the Internet while taking the quiz.

Good Idea

Maintain a record of Internet sources including a record of URLs, date accessed and printouts of the source materials.