Case Scenarios

The cases included here are hypothetical scenarios designed to help users explore some academic integrity situations and their possible consequences. Each case includes a description and several responses for users to select possible decision paths and view the consequences.

The cases are not meant to be comprehensive of all possible academic integrity situations or all responses possible for those scenarios. Click on the buttons below to access and interact with each case scenario, and when finished with the cases, return back to the tutorial page where you left off.

You ask your students to submit an initial draft of a writing assignment, get feedback from you, and then revise and submit the final version.

You notice the answers submitted by two students are identical for a homework assignment that students were required to complete individually.

You ask to meet with an international student who has submitted his or her paper for a writing assignment to be completed individually.

You notice while grading writing assignments submitted by students in your class that sources are cited improperly.

You notice during an in-class exam a few students straining their necks sideways and you think they are trying to cheat.

You notice the properties of files submitted by two different students to contain the same author's name.