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Vice Provost Staff

Office of the Vice Provost
Office of the Vice Provost
Office of the Vice Provost
Office of the Vice Provost

Vice Provost Staff

Greg Barker Greg Barker
Testing Services
Adams Hall 128
Phone: 815-753-4742
E-mail: gbarker1@niu.edu
Felicia Bohanon Felicia Bohanon
Office of Precollegiate Programs
Stevenson South Tower A-102
Phone: 815-753-1868
E-mail: fbohanon@niu.edu
Don Bramlett Don Bramlett
Graduation Specialist
Center for Black Studies
Center for Black Studies 105
Phone: 815-753-7822
E-mail: dbramlett@niu.edu
Shevawn Eaton Shevawn Eaton
Williston Hall 100F
Phone: 815-753-0581
E-mail: seaton1@niu.edu
Dana Gautcher Dana Gautcher
Office of Student Academic Success
Academic Advising Center 112
Phone: 815-753-5701
E-mail: dana@niu.edu
Laverne Gyant Laverne Gyant
Center for Black Studies
Center for Black Studies 120
Phone: 815-753-1709
E-mail: lgyant@niu.edu
Denise Hayman Denise Hayman
Deacon Davis CHANCE Program
Williston Hall 125A
Phone: 815-753-7905
E-mail: dhayman1@niu.edu
Renique Kersh Renique Kersh
Associate Vice Provost/Director
Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning
Altgeld 100
Phone: 815-753-8154
E-mail: rkersh@niu.edu
klonoski_ed_portrait Ed Klonoski
Acting Associate Vice Provost 
Altgeld 215
Phone: 815-753-7037
E-mail: eklonoski@niu.edu
Jerry Montag Jerry Montag
Registration and Records
Williston Hall 220
Phone: 815-753-1747
E-mail: jerry.montag@niu.edu
Jenny Parker Jenny Parker
Associate Vice Provost
University Office of Teacher Certification
Williston Hall 214
Phone: 815-753-6361
E-mail: jparker@niu.edu
Michelle Pickett Michelle Pickett
Academic Advising Center
Academic Advising Center 100B
Phone: 815-753-2573
E-mail: mpickett@niu.edu
Denise Rode Denise Rode
First-and Second-Year Experience
Algeld 100
Phone: 815-753-6781
E-mail: drode@niu.edu
Donna Smith Donna Smith
Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator
Academic Catalog
Williston Hall 321
Phone: 815-753-0126
E-mail: dsmith@niu.edu
Joel Stafstrom Joel Stafstrom
Acting Director
University Honors Program
Campus Life Building 110B
Phone: 815-753-9399
E-mail: Stafstrom@niu.edu
Jerry Wright Jerry Wright
Student Support Services
Adams Hall 401
Phone: 815-753-1142
E-mail: jwright@niu.edu

Vice Provost Administrative Staff

Abby Lund Abby Lund
Business/Administrative Associate
Williston Hall 300
Phone: 815-753-1144
E-mail: alund@niu.edu
Kim Whalen Kim Whalen
IT Coordinator
Williston Hall 230
Phone: 815-753-1876
E-mail: kimwhalen@niu.edu
Jeanne Ratfield Jeanne Ratfield
Administrative Assistant
Altgeld Hall 215
Phone: 815-753-8381
E-mail: jrat@niu.edu