University Committee on Initial Educator Licensure
(FS Bylaws, Article 4.7)

Membership of UCIEL

 4.7 Committee on Initial Educator Licensure

4.7.1 Composition Faculty Representation There shall be one representative from each initial licensure program. Cross-listed or administratively combined programs shall be allocated one voting member for their combined programs. Representation may be granted, at the discretion of the committee, to departments that provide service courses for initial educator licensure programs or have administrative responsibility for special endorsement areas. Each licensing college shall have the responsibility and authority to determine who may serve as program representatives. Each of these representatives shall be elected annually by the faculty of the department having administrative responsibility for the program being represented and shall serve until replaced. Clinical Placement Representation There shall be one clinical placement representative from each licensing college and each representative shall have one vote. Student Representation There shall be one student representative. The student representative shall have one vote. The student representative must be admitted to, and enrolled in, an approved initial educator licensure program. The committee shall determine the method of selection of the student representative, who shall serve a term of one year beginning August 16 or as soon as approved thereafter. Administrative Representation The following, or their designees, shall be ex officio nonvoting members of the committee: The vice provost responsible for undergraduate education, the dean of each college housing an initial educator licensure program, the dean of the Graduate School, the director of the Office of Registration and Records, the Transfer Center coordinator, the catalog editor and curriculum coordinator, the associate vice provost for educator licensure, the university licensure officer, the associate director for educator licensure, the associate director for the edTPA, and the associate director for professional development schools. Each administrative representative shall serve as long as he or she holds his or her office.

4.7.2 Chair and Other Officers Each spring the committee shall elect a faculty representative to serve as chair-elect commencing with the start of the following academic year.

The chair elect shall serve one year in that capacity, then serve as chair for one year, and then be designated as past chair for one year. The chair shall serve as presiding officer of the committee. In the absence of the chair, the chair-elect shall serve as chair: in the absence of both the chair and the chair-elect, the past chair shall serve as chair.

The committee shall elect other officers, and establish committees, as it deems necessary for its operation. 

4.7.3 Duties Each faculty representative, or his/her designee, shall serve as the official program contact person for the educator licensure program represented.

Responsibilities of the committee include reviewing all curriculum relevant to educator licensure, developing policy and procedural proposals specific to initial educator licensure and reviewing and advising on preparation of reports for relevant external accreditation. 

Minutes and reports of the committee will be distributed in a timely manner to members of the committee and to the Faculty Senate. Substantive changes in policies under the jurisdiction of the committee must be reported to the Faculty Senate. 

University Committee on Initial Educator Licensure
The UCIEL meets on the third Friday of the month during the academic year, 1-3 p.m. 
Meeting Minutes

Early Childhood
Educational Psychology
Elementary Education
Middle Level Teaching and Learning
Physical Education
Technology Specialist
COE Placement Coordinator
COE At-Large
Secondary English
Secondary History/Social Sciences
Secondary Math
Secondary Sciences
World Languages
CLAS Placement Coordinator
CLAS At Large
CLAS At Large
CLAS At Large
CLAS At Large
Art Education
Music Education
VPA Placement Coordinator
VPA At Large
Student Representative
Dean of the Graduate School Jessica Reyman

* faculty chair 
x nonvoting

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