Planning and Reports

Northern Illinois University (NIU) is dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. To achieve this goal, NIU has established a range of sustainability initiatives and reports that document the university's progress towards sustainability.

NIU's greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies aim to decrease emissions from sources such as energy use, transportation, and waste disposal. The university's sustainability policy outlines its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability education and research. The Sustainability Advisory Committee oversees the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives on campus.

To track progress towards sustainability goals, NIU has established a number of reports, including the annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report and the Sustainability Progress Report. These reports detail the university's sustainability efforts and provide data on energy consumption, waste reduction, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, NIU's sustainability initiatives and reports demonstrate the university's commitment to sustainability and serve as a model for other institutions seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

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