We use 10% ethanol blend gasoline and B11/B2 soy biodiesel to help address greenhouse gas emissions.

We currently have 35 hybrid vehicles in the fleet to promote increased fuel efficiency.

An electric charging station was completed in October 2016 to support commuters with electric vehicles.

We support alternative transportation methods by supporting a Zipcar program.

Using public transportation is sustainable!

  • DeKalb Public Transit - The city contracts with Transdev Services Inc. (Huskie Line) to provide fixed route, paratransit and deviated fixed route services.
  • NIU Bicycle RegistrationStudents, faculty and staff can register their bikes with the university in order to help deter theft and increase the chances of recovering a stolen bike. 

NIU also encourages students, faculty and staff to carpool to campus. Connect with others who are carpooling to find a ride at NIU Carpool Connections.

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