Sustainability at NIU


Sustainability at NIU takes many shapes and is found in many places, so we've created this portal to connect you with information about our efforts and to help you find ways you can make a difference. 

If you want the summary of this information, we have put together a brief slideshow to introduce you to sustainability at NIU.

We have many sustainability initiatives happening on campus at all times - projects that have a positive effect immediately and long-term. From land management to recycling to community gardening, we have a rich history of environmental stewardship. 

For decades, we have been taking steps to keep our campuses beautiful while minimizing our environmental footprint. We encourage students, faculty and staff to make conscious choices, reflecting how their actions can positively or negatively impact future generations - both on campus and around the world.

While leadership initiatives like NIU's Green Team and the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy are vital to our success, sustainability is a collaborative effort, requiring participation from all departments on campus.

We thank everyone who makes an effort to build a greener NIU and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Participants in the sustainability program include all seven colleges, Housing and Residential Services, Campus Dining Services, Building Services, DoIT, Parking Services, Transportation and many student organizations. Every student, faculty member or staff member who recycles or saves paper by not printing a document is part of the sustainability movement.