About Campus Sustainability

At NIU, campus sustainability collaborates with academic programs and departments and the Northern Illinois Center for Community Sustainability (NICCS) to engage in campus-wide efforts around environmental and social responsibility. 

We have many sustainability initiatives happening on campus at all times - projects that have immediate and long-term impacts. From land management to recycling to community gardening, NIU has a rich history of environmental stewardship. 

For decades, NIU has taken steps to keep our campuses beautiful, while also minimizing their environmental footprints. We encourage students, faculty and staff to consider the impacts of their actions and consciously make sustainable choices, that will positively impact future generations - both on campus and around the world.

A Collaborative Effort

Sustainability is a collaborative effort, requiring participation from all departments on campus. We appreciate everyone who endeavors to promote sustainable choices on campus and beyond. All seven colleges, campus operations and student services, and many student organizations are active participants working to create a sustainable campus.

Venn diagram showing the relationship between Academic Programs and Departments, Campus Sustainability and Northern Illinois Center for Community Sustainability, all of which meet in the middle at Environmental and Social Responsibility.

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Courtney Gallaher, Ph.D.
Campus Sustainability Coordinator
Lowden Hall 202
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