Student Organizations

Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs

The CAUSE (Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs) student organization aims to provide every student with the inspiration, skills, experience and networks needed to make a social impact through innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits. Their signature event, the Social Impact Summit, educates attendees about social entrepreneurship and its enormous impact, inspires attendees to become change-makers and facilitates networking among those interested in the social space.

Communiversity Gardens

The aptly named Communiversity Gardens thrive with the care and oversight of a strong volunteer network of students, faculty, staff and community members.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is open to any student at NIU, regardless of interest or capacity in engineering, students of all majors and backgrounds are welcome to help the group with activities such as fundraising, marketing and social media interaction.

Go Green Go Clean

The overall mission is to pick up and properly dispose of litter around the DeKalb campus on a regular basis, as well as educate the NIU community on the importance of the environment and the detrimental effects pollution has on each and every one of us. This organization would focus its efforts on creating a clean and safe environment for the people and animals on NIU’s campus.

Find Go Green Go Clean on Instagram or email for more info.

Green Paws Environmental Alliance

Green Paws is an environmental advocacy organization raising awareness about different environmental issues on campus and in the community. The purpose of this organization is to make a difference on campus in different ways and inspire others to do the same. The main events they do are campus cleanups. They hold meetings to gain ideas for different events and have an Instagram page to capture what they do. Email for more info.

Inclusive Birding Club

The Inclusive Birding Club strives to:

  • Create a safe, welcoming and judgment-free space for students to get involved with bird-watching, where all experience levels are actively encouraged.
  • Support student mental health by fostering a connection to the local environment.
  • Provide a path for career development in ornithology, EEB, conservation, etc.
  • Advocate locally for the conservation of birds and their habitats.

Club activities include weekly bird walks near campus, monthly field trips to birding spots in the surrounding area, birds and beverages (of any kind) socials to talk birds and conservation, and individual mentorship and connections to career avenues in ornithology.


VEG seeks to promote a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly atmosphere on campus for the benefit of NIU’s many vegetarian and vegan students. VEG is the only SA-recognized organization on campus dedicated to educating the community about how our dietary choices affect our health, animals and the environment. VEG is also the only SA-recognized group that supplies reliable, fact-based nutritional information on sustainable plant-based diets.

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