Anne Britt

Professor of Cognitive and Instructional Psychology

Anne Britt

In two decades at NIU, Anne Britt has been known for creating programs to help others at the university — especially her students — thrive.

Britt is a professor of cognitive and instructional psychology and distinguished teaching professor in the psychology department of NIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

As she reflects back on her time at the university, she sees a pattern in helping students that began in her early years with programs that continue today, and in new efforts being developed now.

While serving as the faculty mentor for the Student Psychological Association on campus, Britt found that many students thought they wanted to attend graduate school but didn’t really understand the process. To help students, she and a couple graduate students created a six-week “Getting into Graduate School Seminar” to help psychology majors navigate the application requirements.

She also noticed students needed opportunities to present research. She was instrumental in the conceptualization, planning and implementation of the department’s annual undergraduate research conference in 2009.

“This conference has become a major event for both current students and department alumni,” she said. “Undergraduate students showcase their research accomplishments through presentation of research they have completed in collaboration with department faculty.”

Currently, Britt serves as director at NIU’s Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Language and Literacy (CISLL), where she helps support faculty, staff and student research, and the development of grant applications.

For example, recently CISLL began holding a monthly writing workshop retreat to support writing for the research pipeline. They also hold events that help CISLL affiliates come together as an academic community, including bringing in international speakers.

“The goal is to support faculty, staff and students and help them develop,” she said.

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