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History and Traditions

Chartered in 1895, Northern Illinois University first opened its doors as the Northern Illinois State Normal School in 1899 as a teachers' school. We have since grown into a world-class, research-focused public institution that attracts students from across Illinois, the country and the world.

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President: Dr. Lisa C. Freeman

Administration: Senior Leadership

Governing Body: NIU Board of Trustees

Huskie Pride

There's a lot to be proud of at NIU. Whether there's been a major accomplishment - in the classroom or on the athletic field - or you're just feeling that school spirit, here are some ways you can celebrate being a Huskie every day.

Go Huskies!

Show your Huskie pride with this hand gesture. Whether you're cheering on the team or posing for a pic, it's a way to shout "Go Huskies" without saying a word.

The Huskie Fight Song.

Every student has to learn the Huskie Fight Song. It’s kind of a thing, so you don’t want to be the only one not singing at the big game!

Red and Black Cheer.

Who has the best fans, the red or black section? When the cheerleaders point to your section, scream out the color they assigned you. Get ready to get loud.

Huskie Pride Lights.

Keep an eye on the Holmes Student Center. When it's lit up in Huskie red, you'll know there's something special to celebrate at NIU!

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