Huskie Spotlight - Faculty

Victoria Shiver
Assistant professor, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Dawn Brown
Clinical assistant professor and director of clinical education, Physical Therapy program

Jifu Tan
Assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Abbey Stine
Clinical instructor, School of Nursing

Mary Lynn Doherty
Assistant Director of the School of Music, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Music Education

Fred Markowitz
Professor, Department of Sociology

Christine Mooney
Barsema Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, Department of Management

Nick Pohlman
Associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Holly Jones
Associate professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Daniel Olson
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Tao Li
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Rachel Donegan
Assistant professor, Special and Early Education

Henna Muzaffar
Assistant professor, Nutrition and Dietetics

Karen Samonds
Associate professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Paul Priester
Chair, School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Laura Vazquez
Board of Trustees Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Communication

Christopher Goodman
Assistant professor, Department of Public Administration

Shondra Clay
Assistant professor, Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Kunal Patel
Assistant professor, Public Health

Wesley Swingley
Associate professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Sean Farrell
Professor, Department of History

Valia Allori
Professor, Department of Philosophy

Victor Gensini
Associate Professor, Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

Laurie Elish-Piper
Dean of the College of Education

Michael Papka
Presidential Professor, Computer Science

Abu Bakarr Bah
Professor, Department of Sociology

Judith Chitwood
Professor and Coordinator of Dance

Ferald Bryan
Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Public Communication

Sarah O’Connor
Clinical Supervisor, Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

Balaji Rajagopalan
Dean of the College of Business

Mark Groza
Associate Professor of Sales, Department of Marketing

Andrea Guzman
Assistant Professor of Journalism, Department of Communication

David Walker
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment

Gregory Beyer
Professor and Director of Percussion Studies in the School of Music

Lichuan Liu
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Laura Johnson
Associate Professor of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment

Bill Cassidy
Professor in Department of Communication

Mahdi Vaezi
Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

Jui-Ching Wang
Associate Professor in the School of Music

Mohammad Moghimi
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Christine Nguyen
Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Kendra Holton
Assistant Professor of Theatre

Marc Macaranas
Assistant Professor of Dance

Denise Schoenbachler
Endowed Professor in College of Business, Marketing

Clayton Camic
Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology

Tim Michaelis
Assistant professor of Entrepreneurship

Xiaodan Hu
Assistant professor of higher education

Charles Pudrith
Assistant professor of audiology

Alicia Schatteman
Associate Professor in Nonprofit and NGO Studies/Public and Global Affairs

Anne Britt
Professor of cognitive and instructional psychology

Janice Hamlet
Associate Professor in Department of Communication

Jennifer Jacobs
Assistant professor in Kinesiology and Physical Education

Simón E. Weffer-Elizondo
Associate Professor of Sociology

Myoungwhon ‘Myoung’ Jung
Associate professor of Special and Early Education

Mary Landeros
Professor of Sociology

Kathryn ‘Kate’ Cady
Associate Professor in Department of Communication

Timothy Ryan
Associate English Professor

Leila Porter
Professor of Anthropology

Tao Xu
Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor

Kathleen McFadden
Operations Management and Information System Professor

Jeffrey Einboden
English Professor

Laurence Lurio
Physics Professor

Natalie Young
Assistant professor of Early Childhood Education

Joseph Flynn
Associate director of Academic Affairs at the Center for Black Studies, Associate professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Shanthi Muthuswamy
Associate professor in Department of Technology

Christina Abreu
Director of Center for Latino and Latin American Studies and Associate Professor of History

Jie Chen
Associate professor of Nursing

Mylan Engel Jr.
Professor of Philosophy

Dan Libman
Professor of English

Liam Teague
Professor of Music and Chair of Steelpan Studies

Emma Kuby
History Professor

Philippe Piot
Physics professor

Paul Wright
Kinesiology and Physical Education professor

Dan Gebo
Professor of Anthropology

Walker Ashley
Professor of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

Amanda Littauer
Professor of History and Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality

Jessica Labatte
School of Art and Design Instructor of Photography

Blythe Kitner
Audiology instructor

Jeanette Rossetti
School of Nursing Professor

Alex Gelman
Director of School of Theatre and Dance

Tom Smith
Education Professor

Jan Reynolds
Sociology Instructor

Katja Wiemer
Psychology Professor

Diane Rodgers
Associate Sociology Professor

Abul Azad
Professor in the Department of Technology

Heide Fehrenbach
History Professor

Douglas Klumpp
Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor

Michelle Demaray
Psychology Professor

Reed Scherer
Geology and Environmental Geosciences Professor

Jeanne Isabel
Program director and associate professor for Medical Laboratory Sciences

Jason Akst
Instructor of Journalism in Department of Communication

Mahesh Subramony
Professor of Management

Teresa Wasonga
Associate Professor in Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations

Gulsat Aygen
Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English

Jason Hanna
Professor of Philosophy

Toni Van Laarhoven
Professor in the Department of Special and Early Education

Swapan Chattopadhyay and Omar Chmaissem
Presidential Research Professorships

Cheng-Hou Lee
Professor of Cello in the School of Music

Amy Newman
English Professor

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