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Together: Local Focus, Global Reach

At NIU, we tackle big challenges, ranging from mitigation of climate change and restoration of damaged ecosystems to discovering ways to produce cleaner energy and unraveling the workings of our universe. Our scholars and students think outside the box. They break down silos. They collaborate across disciplines, across borders and with other institutions, government, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Together, we find solutions—all the while providing our highly diverse student population with amazing hands-on learning experiences, preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and stewards.


Behind the Research

NIU Professors Mitch Irwin and Karen Samonds are a husband-and-wife team. While they work in different research fields, both spend their summers halfway around the globe on an island that time seems to have forgotten. Roughly 75% of its species are found nowhere else on Earth.

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Huskie Spotlight on Student Research

NIU students conduct more than 800 research projects each year.

“I am working on a power/thrust energy dense system that allows for human flight similar to the "The Jetsons" and a jet pack! This research began my freshman year of college and earned me an intern position at Boeing Company.”

Etiemana Ikpidungise Mechanical Engineering major

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Etiemana Ikpidungisen


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