Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a parking permit?

You may purchase a parking permit online or in person at Campus Parking Services. Campus Parking Services is located at 121 Normal Road, just south of the NIU parking deck. A vehicle registration form will need to be completed in order to receive a parking permit. Please note that payment: cash, check, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, or charging your permit to your Bursar account, is due at the time of purchase. Permits that are purchased in office or by mail will be charged an additional $15 processing fee.

What information do I need to get a parking permit?

You need a vehicle registration form which requires personal information such as name, address, and phone number. You also need to supply your vehicle make, model, and license plate number. See Buying a Permit for more information.

Should I notify Campus Parking Services when I get a new vehicle or license plate?

Yes. If you need to request that a change or an update be made to a vehicle that is associated with your parking permit, first go to the AIMS website, and click on My Account to log in. Once you have logged in using your University credentials, you will need to click on your current NIU parking permit. At the bottom of the next screen, you will have the option to select either Remove, Add, or Edit your vehicle or license plate information. Once you have entered all of the necessary information for your request, and added additional comments if need be, click on the request button at the bottom of the page. Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know if your request has been approved or denied.

What if my permit is lost or has been stolen?

Please report a lost or stolen permit to Campus Parking Services immediately. Complete a Parking Permit Lost/Stolen Report. A temporary permit can be issued at the time the report is filed for two weeks to give you time to look for the permit. Otherwise a  replacement permit can be issued at the time the report is filed, or after the two week temporary permit has expired. If you find your lost permit, contact Campus Parking Services immediately at 815-753-1045. See Replacements for more information.

What if I leave NIU and my permit has not expired?

If you are no longer affiliated with NIU, you are not eligible to have a parking permit. Please return your permit to Campus Parking Services and a refund may be due - please see Permit Refunds for more information.

Do not give or sell your permit to anyone as you will be responsible for any tickets that were incurred while your permit was being displayed. The vehicle may also be towed at the expense of the owner.

What if I forget to display my permit and I get a ticket?

A No NIU Registration ticket can be reduced to Permit Not Displayed, provided that the permit belongs to you, the permit is valid for the lot in which the ticket was issued in, and verification is presented to Campus Parking Services within 10 calendar days of the citation date. If paying the reduced fine online, please contact Campus Parking Services prior to making payment.

What if I do not pay my parking tickets?

If you are a student of NIU and your payment for a ticket is not received within 21 days, the ticket will transfer to your Bursar account.

If you are faculty/staff at NIU and do not pay your parking fines, the fine amount plus a fee from Human Resources will be deducted from your paycheck.

If you are not a student or faculty/staff of NIU and you do not pay your parking fines, the fine amount may be sent to collections.

You may be subject to tow.

How do I appeal a ticket?

You must submit appeals to Campus Parking Services within 10 calendar days of the citation date in order to be considered. You may submit your appeal online by filling out the Parking Assessment Appeal Form that is located in AIMS (Automated Information Management System), or by filling out an appeal form at Cmpus Parking Services. A separate form is required for each citation unless the violations are directly related. No NIU Registration tickets are not appealable at this time.

If a first appeal is denied, a second appeal may be done either in writing or in person if it is requested within 10 calendar days of the date on the denied appeal. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an in person second appeal, please contact Campus Parking Services at (815) 753-1045 o rby email at

For additional information, please see the Parking Ticket Appeal's Process.

What if I have a guest?

All guests to central campus are encouraged to park in the visitor pay lot located on Carroll Avenue, purchase a visitor permit either online or in person, or utilize pay parking on campus. See Visitor and Temporary Permits for more information.

What if I need a permit for a short time?

Temporary permits for faculty/staff and students are available for purchase by the day, week or month. Temporary permits can be purchased from our office Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

During business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.), please contact Campus Parking Services at 815-753-1045 to have your vehicle put on the disabled log. You will have 24 hours to move your vehicle. Any tickets incurred during this time should be appealed. Depending on the situation your vehicle may be towed.

If after business hours, please contact the NIU Police Department at 815-753-1212.

What if the meter I parked at is not functioning properly?

Notify Campus Parking Services at 815-753-1045 and provide the lot location and meter or pay station number. You will be instructed on what to do if you have received a ticket.

Who tows cars off of campus? What if my vehicle is towed?

Campus Parking Services and NIU Police Department can tow cars off of campus for various reasons. If your car has been towed please contact Campus Parking Services or the NIU Police Department for further information.

Campus Parking Services: 815-753-1045

NIU Police Department: 815-753-1212

I received a bill for a ticket in my name, but the ticket is not mine. What should I do?

Contact Campus Parking Services at 815-753-1045 with the billing information.

What if I have special parking needs?

For special parking needs related to medical situations, students and faculty/staff are encouraged to consult with a doctor to see if they should get a handicapped permit through a DMV.

I am a graduate assistant. What type of parking am I eligible for?

If you do not live in a residence hall you are eligible for a yellow permit. Unfortunately, as a graduate assistant, you are not eligible for a blue permit. A student employee who is employed via the Student Employment Office or the Graduate School is defined as a student with regards to parking regulations.

Why do I have to pay for parking?

Campus Parking Services does not receive money from the university or from the State of Illinois. By state law, Campus Parking Services at NIU must be self-funded. None of the money from tuition or student fees is allocated to parking services. Therefore, the only money we have to pay for lot maintenance, snow removal, lot repairs, resurfacing, painting, striping, equipment, and office operational costs must come from permit sales, ticket revenue, and parking meter and pay-station revenue.

How do I secure parking for a special event on campus?

Please email us at to submit your event-parking request. A parking coordinator will then contact you to discuss the event and determine appropriate parking areas as well as any charges that may apply.

Do I need a parking permit on breaks or when the university is closed?

When classes are not in session, but the university is open, you will need a parking permit to park on campus. Parking lots are enforced as normal when the university is open, whether classes are scheduled or not.

When the university is closed, you do not need a parking permit to park in regular color-coded parking spaces. However, the NIU Police Department does ticket campus parking lots for certain violations even when the university is closed. Therefore, you will need the appropriate permit to park in handicapped spaces and reserved spaces even when the university is closed. You also cannot park in fire lanes or no parking zones when the university is closed or you are subject to ticket issuance by the NIU Police Department. If you have specific questions about enforcement over breaks or university closures, please contact Campus Parking at 815-753-1045 or

How can I avoid receiving a parking citation?

Please make sure you read, understand and follow all parking rules and regulations. Purchase a parking permit, park in the correct type of lot for your permit and park only in a designated space.

If you have questions about the rules and regulations, then contact Campus Parking at (815) 753-1045 or email parking at and we will be glad to help.

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