Permit Overview

To park on campus, you need to have a permit or pay for timed parking:

Additional permit options include:

  • Community School of the Arts permits
  • Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)
  • Recreation Center member permits
  • Retiree permits
  • Vendor/service permits

Virtual System

We use a virtual permit system, so you won’t receive a physical permit.

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Timed Parking Options

In addition to purchasing a permit, you can pay for timed parking in designated areas throughout campus, including parking pay stations and a mobile payment (AMP) option.


Please read the complete parking rules and regulations and note the following:

  • Students and employees may purchase only one permit.
  • Permits may not be shared.
  • Ordering a virtual permit, the color for which one does not qualify, may result in parking tickets and/or having parking privileges revoked.


Employees and students who have state-issued disability license plates or placards must obtain the appropriate NIU parking permit. They can then park in a regular space as well as any space designated for persons with disabilities, as long as their person with disabilities placecard or license plate is displayed. They can also receive a reserved parking space for a reduced fee.

Visitors with state-issued persons with disability license plates or placards need to have a visitor permit or utilize other pay parking options. They can then park in regular spaces as well as spots designated for persons with disabilities.

Learn more about accessibility at NIU.

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