Visitor Parking

Welcome to NIU! We hope you enjoy your visit. We encourage you to review parking maps to help you get an idea of where you’re headed and the best way to get there.

To park on campus, you need to purchase a parking permit or pay for timed parking. If you’re visiting campus as the guest of a department, the department is responsible for making parking arrangements on your behalf or informing you about the need to pay for parking.

Visitor Permits

You can purchase a daily or weekly visitor permit before your visit. You can also purchase a daily permit on the day of your visit at a pay station. Please note that we use a virtual permit system, so you won’t receive a physical permit. Visitor permits allow you to park in any campus lot.

Other Payment Options

  • Use AIMS Mobile Pay to find timed parking in designated areas and pay from your device.
  • Use a pay station to pay with cash or credit card for timed parking in a designated area.


Regardless of how you pay for parking, the following restrictions apply:

  • You may not park in a no-parking zone, a service/vendor space or a reserved parking space.
  • You must display a persons with disabilities license plate or placard if you park in a space reserved for persons with disabilities.
  • There are no refunds on visitor permits, mobile payments or pay station payments.

Football Game Parking

NIU Athletics provides information about where to park for football games.

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The lobby is currently closed to in-person transactions.

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