Student and Employee Permits

If you’re an NIU student or employee, you can purchase a permit to park on campus. Permits are available by semester or for the entire year. You can also purchase a temporary permit for daily, weekly or monthly parking.

Access the parking portal to purchase a permit, update your vehicle information and more. If you have trouble logging in to the system, contact us for assistance (815-753-1045 or

Virtual System

We use a virtual permit system, so you won’t receive a physical permit.

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Permit Types

The following permit types are available, based on employment/residency status. (If you're a student employed by the Student Employment Office or the Graduate School, you're considered a student for parking purposes.)

For an additional fee, you may be able to upgrade to a reserved parking spot. You can park in regular spots in your permit area as well as your reserved spot.

Yellow: Commuter Students and Northern View Residents

  • For students who do not live in an NIU residence hall
  • Allows parking in unreserved yellow spaces

Orange: Neptune Hall Residents

  • For students who live in Neptune Hall
  • Allows parking in level five of the parking garage off Normal Road, as well as other unreserved orange spaces west of Annie Glidden Road

Orange: Gilbert Hall Residents

  • For students who live in Gilbert Hall
  • Allows parking in parking lot V off Kishwaukee Drive, as well as other unreserved orange spaces west of Annie Glidden Road

Orange: Grant Towers/Patterson Complex (New Hall)/Stevenson Towers Residents

  • For students who live in Grant Towers, Patterson Complex or Stevenson Towers
  • Allows parking on the west side of campus by the residence halls in unreserved orange parking spaces; may not park in spots for Neptune/Gilbert residents

Blue: Faculty/Staff

  • For employees and contracted non-university personnel working on campus
  • Allows parking in unreserved blue spaces

Remote Work Parking Recommendations

If you primarily work remotely but occasionally come to campus, we recommend the following:

  • Hourly: Most cost-effective if you only come to campus periodically. Best if you are on campus for less than 18 days per fiscal year.
  • Daily: Utilize if you will be on campus periodically, for more than five hours at a time. Best if you are on campus for less than 22 days per fiscal year.
  • Weekly: Ideal if you are not on campus every day but will be on campus for the duration of two or more days during a week. Best if you are on campus for less than 11, weeklong periods per fiscal year.
  • Monthly: Most economical if you will be on campus for periods of time longer than two consecutive weeks. Best if you are on campus for a maximum of four days, one-month time periods per fiscal year.
  • Yearly: Most practical if you will be on campus more than 18, five plus hour days per fiscal year

Green: Remote Parking

  • For students and employees
  • Allows parking in lot K (southeast of Huskie Stadium) for no charge

Additional Vehicles

Though you can purchase only one permit, you can register an additional vehicle on your permit, for a maximum of two vehicles. The additional vehicle cannot belong to another student or employee, and only one of the vehicles may be parked on campus at a time. Any additional vehicles parked on campus at the same time will be ticketed accordingly.


There is no extra charge for including a motorcycle as your additional vehicle. Or, you can purchase a motorcycle permit. Motorcycles/scooters can park in designated motorcycle parking spots, 15-minute spaces and pay parking. Those who have purchased a reserved parking space may park their motorcycle in their reserved space.

Rules and Regulations

Parking regulations are enforced when the university is open, whether or not classes are in session. Take care to park in a spot appropriate to your permit type and follow the regulations.

  • If you're a student and you purchase the wrong permit type, we'll switch it to the correct one, and you'll be ticketed accordingly if you park in the wrong area.
  • If you park in lot K, you may need to move your vehicle before the start of a campus event or during/after snow accumulation events, as determined by Parking Services.
  • If someone parks in your reserved spot, find an appropriate unreserved spot to park in and contact us to report the unauthorized vehicle (815-753-1045, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.). After hours, contact the NIU police at 815-753-1212.

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