Converting Your Course to Blackboard Ultra

The new Ultra Course View is modern and intuitive with streamlined workflows to improve your efficiency. If you are ready to try out the Ultra Course View, you can certainly build your course from scratch. However, you have the option to convert your course to the Ultra Course View and preview the changes and exceptions prior to committing to using the new look and feel or returning to the Original Course View. In this recorded workshop, we discussed some of the key differences in the Ultra Course View and the course conversion process.

Key Insights

  • Course conversion allows you to quickly preview your course in the Ultra Course View, with the option to return to Original before you confirm to use the Ultra Course View. Once you have confirmed, the course cannot be reverted.
  • Your course must be unavailable for the course conversion icon to appear.
  • Once the conversion process has occurred, Blackboard will give you an exception report to show you any tools or features that could not be converted because they are not yet supported in the Ultra Course View.
  • Building your course from the beginning may actually be quicker and create a better experience for your students than conversion, particularly for more complex courses.
  • The Teaching and Learning with Blackboard website has extensive information about using the Ultra Course View to help you get started

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