Reusing Questions

In both Original Course View and Ultra Course View, questions can be reused from other tests or from Pools (Original) and Question Banks (Ultra). Pools and Question Banks are collections fo questions without the associated settings for deploying a test. Often, these are provided by a publisher as .zip files that are imported into Blackboard.

Reusing Questions in Original Course View

There are three options for reusing questions on a test in Original Course View, found on the test canvas under the Reuse Question menu:

  • Create Question Set - manually choose questions from either Tests or Pools and specify how many of the selected questions should be randomly assigned to each student (e.g., assign 5 out of 10 questions)
  • Create Random Block - select all questions of a specified type (e.g., multiple choice, true/false) from a Pool and specify how many of the selected questions should be randomly assigned to each student. It is not possible to select questions from other Tests or to select only certain questions with a random block
  • Find Questions - manually select individual questions from either Tests or Pools and copy them into the current Test. Questions can be rearranged individually but cannot be assigned as a random subset of the selection

To create a Pool: from the Control Panel select Course Tools > then select Tests, Surveys, and Pools > on the following screen select Pools. You can build questions individually or import questions, such as when a publisher provides a .zip file.

Reusing Questions in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

Ultra Course View uses different vocabulary for reusing questions:

Ultra Course View Original Course View
Question Pool - displays a random subset of questions to each student Random Block and Question Set
Question Bank - set of test questions held outside of a specific test, often imported from a publisher .zip file Question Pool

Question banks can be created manually, copied from another course, or imported from a publisher .zip file. You can also create a Question Pool using questions from other Tests in the same course.

Create a Question Pool

  1. In a test, select the plus sign wherever you want to add a question pool. Select Add question pool from the menu. The question pool is inserted at this point in the assessment.
  2. Use the Filter Criteria panel to select the source(s) that contains the questions you want to reuse.
  3. Select individual questions using the checkboxes, or click Select all to select all questions from the chose source(s).
  4. Click the Add Questions button to add the pool to your test.
  5. Modify the Number of questions to display to students to specify how many questions each student is randomly assigned.

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