Anonymous and Delegated Grading

Grading anonymously helps faculty avoid bias in assessment by hiding student names until grading is complete. Delegated Grading promotes reliability by providing multiple grades for each student, from which a final grade can be reconciled. 

Anonymous Grading in Original Course View

For Anonymously Graded Attempts, student-identifying information will be obfuscated. The student’s name is replaced with a unique identifier that can be used by the graders and instructors to identify a particular attempt for further discussion, without discovering the identity of the student.

Grades are not visible to faculty or students until Anonymous Grading is disabled, either manually, by editing the Grading Options, or because of specified criteria (a Due Date has passed, or all submissions have been graded).

Anonymous Grading

Delegated Grading in Original Course View

Instructors can also delegate grading to one or more users with grading privileges, to promote reliability and remove bias. For large classes, they can divide up the grading tasks among teaching assistants and other graders. Roles with default grading privileges include Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Grader. After all delegated graders provide grades and feedback, one or more instructors review the grading to determine a final grade, or to reconcile it.

Delegated Grading

Anonymous Grading in Ultra Course View

Status: Available

Student names are hidden while you grade and are revealed only after you Post all grades. To enable anonymous grading, open the Assignment or Test settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right, then click the Hide student names checkbox under Anonymous grading.

Anonymous grading can only be enabled on Assignments or Tests that do not have any built-in question types, like Essay, Multiple Choice, Calculated Formula, etc. You can add files or text to an assessment you wish to grade anonymously. You can't hide or show student names after students open an assignment or test or submit attempts.

You can enable SafeAssign for an Assignment or Test with Anonymous Grading enabled, but you will not be able to view SafeAssign results or Originality Reports until after all grades are posted.

Parallel Grading in Ultra Course View

Status: Available with Limitations

The Parallel Grading workflow assigns two individuals with grading privileges (such as Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Grader) to review and provide provisional grades on an Assignment or Test for each student in the course. Final grades are reconciled by someone with the Instructor role, or another individual who is assigned to be a Reconciler.

Parallel Grading Workflow

  1. Enable Parallel Grading in the settings for an Assignment or Test; assign individuals to be Graders
  2. Graders access and grade submissions
  3. Reconciler reviews provisional grades, assigns a final grade, and provides feedback

Graders can view student submissions, complete a rubric, provide in-line annotation, assign a provisional grade, and provide overall feedback. Graders cannot see other graders' grades, feedback, annotations on student files, and rubrics. Students cannot see anything provided by the individual graders.

Reconcilers can view the graders grade and overall feedback, but cannot view their rubrics or annotations. Reconcilers determine the overall grade for each student, either individually or in bulk by using the average, highest, or lowest grade.

Students only see the grade, feedback, and rubric from the reconciler.

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