Monserrat Garcia

Monserrat Garcia

Monserrat Garcia is a transfer political science major from Malta, IL

Hometown: Malta, IL

Year: Expected graduation: 2022

Major: Political Science

Minor: English

Transfer From: Waubonsee Community College 

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Are you pursuing that as a major, or have you taken another path?
When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer. I kind of lost hope of that as I grew because it didn’t seem like a possibility, until two years ago when I decided to do it. 

What is your major (and/or minor) and why did you decide on this course of study?
I'm majoring in political science with a minor in English. My main goal is law school. I decided on this because politics have always gotten my interest. I wanted to know more about the depth of politics. 

What has been something you have found pleasantly surprising about your experience at NIU?
The availability of classes. I didn’t think I would be able to have a full-time government job while being a full-time student. 

How have you connected with other students to study for classes, meet new people or form new friendships?
My classes are my main way of meeting new people, and the people I have met have become close friends. 

Are you involved in any student organizations, mentoring programs or extra-curricular activities? If so, which ones? How have they added to your experience as a Huskie?
Mock Trial. I’m currently in it because a faculty member advised it to me. I’ve met some new friends and experiencing tournaments has been fun. 

Who has been one of your favorite instructors/professors and why? What course did they teach?
Alexandra Bennett has been my favorite professor. She teaches English 315: Shakespeare. The class was always interesting, and I found a new literature that I enjoyed and fell in love with. Ms. Bennett is amazing. 

Where is your favorite spot on campus or in the community? Why are you drawn to it?
The Holmes Student Center. What draws me to it is it’s close to everything and everyone goes there to study, relax, meet with friends, etc.

What advice would you give to a student who is applying to colleges?
I'd consider going to a college close to your home. That’s one thing a lot of students don’t get. They want to get away from their home, but they usually end up transferring out because they miss home and their family. 

Coming to college, what is something that you have had to learn to do differently?
Everything! I’m a first-generation student in my Latin family, and I’ve had to learn how to do everything on my own (applying, financial aid, scheduling classes, etc.). 

What do you do to relax or recharge?
I like to go to the gym sometimes or stay at home and watch TV and hang out with my animals. I live on a farm, so my animals keep me happy. 

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