Huskie Spotlight - Staff

Kristie Crane
Undergraduate Advisor in Department of Sociology

Pettee Guerrero
Director of the National Safety Education Center at NIU

Ellen Cabrera
Office Manager for Department of Public Administration

Ron Barshinger
Library Operations Associate

Susana Das Neves
Director of Migrant Education Services

Mary Strub
Assistant Director of Center for Governmental Studies

Karinne Bredberg
Assistant director for Commercialization and Innovation for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS)

Alan Clemens
Director of the Illinois Interactive Report Cards office

Angela Baron-Jeffrey
Director of NIU Center for Child Welfare and Education

Jeremy Benson
STEM educator in the NIU Center for P-20 Engagement

Kathryn “Kathi” Buffington
Office Manager in Undergraduate Advising and Student Resources department

Carrie Zack
Associate director of Educator Licensure and Preparation

Julie Miller
Electronic Research Administration (eRA) coordinator for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS)

Debbie Rempfer
Scholarship coordinator in the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Denise Burchard
Assistant to the chair of the Department of Public Administration

Gillian King-Cargile
Director of NIU STEM Read program

Katy Whitelaw
Information Technology Accessibility Officer

Lynn Retherford
Coordinator of Teacher Certification for the School of Music

Jay Monteiro
Assistant to the dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Jo Burke
Director of the NIU Art Museum

Laura Lundelius
Director of Campus Services

Mark Pietrowski
Acting director of External Programming

Karen Baker
Associate Vice President, Title IX Coordinator

Theresa LaRocco
Records Supervisor for the Graduate School

Melissa Burlingame
Assistant Director

Mark McGowan
manager of college communications

Brenda Hart
Office Administrator

Ruperto Herrera
Application Programming Analyst

Greg Barker
Director of Testing Services and Academic Affairs Research Support

Lise Schlosser
Office manager

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