Huskie Spotlight - Staff

Amy Jo Clemens
Assistant vice president and director of the Center for P-20 Engagement

Passion Williamson-Bandele
Academic advisor, School of Nursing

Timothy Keller
Office manager, Department of Counseling and Higher Education

DeKol Austin
Family coordinator, Child Development and Family Center

Cori Beltran
Detective, Department of Police and Public Safety

Matthew Gibson
Police officer, Department of Police and Public Safety

Lauren Teso-Warner
Senior Associate Director of Residential Life, Housing and Residential Services

Monique Bernoudy
Assistant Vice President, Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Cathy Doederlein
Director of Career Services

Andrew Pemberton
Assistant director of internal communications

Kimberly Johnson-Jones
Assistant director, Huskie Academic Support Center

Gail Jacky
Director, Huskie Academic Support Center

Matthew Stark
Program coordinator, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Christopher Lowe
Program adviser, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Mary Studebaker-Reed
Office support specialist, School of Interdisciplinary Health Professions

Kyleigh Wallace
Associate director, Northern Fund

Linda Yates
Laboratory manager, Department of Biological Sciences

Mark Pietrowski
Director of Central Advising Office, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Jessica Madrigal
Simulation laboratory specialist, School of Nursing

Thomas Pavkov
Chair, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Shakaria Smith
Student success coach, TRIO Student Support Services

Erin Reid
Academic advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Beverly Henry
Interim dean, College of Health and Human Sciences

Trevor Rogneby
Office support specialist, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Tony Calderala
Academic advisor, Kinesiology and Physical Education

Meredith Eskoff
Academic advisor, College of Business

Brigid Crawford
Music admissions coordinator, School of Music

Zabrina Burford
Professional services, Asian American Resource Center

Melanie Costello
Lorado Taft campus director/outdoor education coordinator

Rose Henton
Director of Coordinated Education, Training and Outreach Programs

Michael Tiema
IT support associate, College of Business

Amanda Smothers
Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Courtney Vinson
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sport Administration, Intercollegiate Athletics

Judy Santacaterina
Bachelor of General Studies Director and Director of Forensics

Steph Horgan
Academic Advisor, Management Department, College of Business

Beverly McCall
Associate Director, Academic Advising Center

Brittany Wereminski
Coordinator of Recruitment, College of Education

Ray Earl-Jackson
Senior Director of Advancement, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Jorie O’Brien
Middle Level Program Advisor, College of Education

Jennifer “Jenny” Johnson
Director of Teacher Preparation and Development

Dan Pedersen
Director of NIU Housing and Residential Services

Kristie Crane
Undergraduate Advisor in Department of Sociology

Pettee Borissova
Director of the National Safety Education Center at NIU

Ron Barshinger
Library Operations Associate

Susana Das Neves
Director of Migrant Education Services

Mary Strub
Assistant Director of Center for Governmental Studies

Karinne Bredberg
Assistant director for Commercialization and Innovation for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS)

Alan Clemens
Director of the Illinois Interactive Report Cards office

Jeremy Benson
STEM educator in the NIU Center for P-20 Engagement

Carrie Zack
Associate director of Educator Licensure and Preparation

Julie Miller
Electronic Research Administration (eRA) coordinator for the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS)

Debbie Rempfer
Scholarship coordinator in the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

Katy Whitelaw
Information Technology Accessibility Officer

Lynn Retherford
Coordinator of Teacher Certification for the School of Music

Jay Monteiro
Assistant to the dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Jo Burke
Director of the NIU Art Museum

Laura Lundelius
Director of Campus Services

Theresa LaRocco
Records Supervisor for the Graduate School

Melissa Burlingame
Assistant Director

Mark McGowan
manager of college communications

Brenda Hart
Office Administrator

Ruperto Herrera
Application Programming Analyst

Greg Barker
Director of Testing Services and Academic Affairs Research Support

Lise Schlosser
Office manager

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