Lise Schlosser

Lise Schlosser

Making it easy to share faculty expertise in exciting and fun ways

Acquire Pokémon Go skills. Travel with a professor to see “Hamilton.” Discover ways to maximize Social Security. Send your kids to a summer camp for creative writing. Learn to speak Burmese. You can launch all these endeavors here at NIU, and Lise Schlosser is one of the people we have to thank for that.

Schlosser is the office manager in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming. She works behind the scenes to connect our award-winning faculty with students, teachers, professionals, lifelong learners and world travelers through events, conferences, field trips and more.

In her role, Schlosser and her colleagues imagine and execute ever-expanding and evolving learning opportunities for various audiences. These programs offer the kind of challenges that keeps her often behind-the-scenes work varied and interesting, she said. It’s a role that made her one of four members of NIU’s Operating Staff selected to receive the 2016 Outstanding Service Award.

“My job provides me the opportunity to work hard, learn more and share my knowledge and interests with a wide variety of people,” Schlosser said. “I appreciate those opportunities, and really couldn’t ask for more.”

Whether it’s leading a travel program to Canada for the Stratford Festival, or accompanying a group to a Chicago Shakespeare Theater production, Schlosser delivers on all accounts. She is proud to represent the Huskies – as an alumnus and employee – and a graduate student in the department of Curriculum and Instruction.

“Both as a student and now as a staff member, I have been touched by the great group of people who work at NIU,” Schlosser said.

“They have encouraged, fostered and challenged me, and I’ve been especially lucky to now work with many of them. It’s great to come to the office every day and engage with people I truly enjoy.”
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