Ruperto Herrera

Ruperto Herrera

When NIU needed a more modern and more functional online directory, it was Ruperto Herrera who stepped up to the challenge and successfully completed the project.

That came as no surprise to those who know Herrera, a Division of Information Technology application programming analyst. Colleagues describe Herrera, a recipient of NIU’s Outstanding Service Award, as “extraordinary, amazing and exemplary.”

He already had implemented an improved platform for delivery of streaming audio and video content. He oversaw the development of a smartphone app for NIU. He led the development of a customized building block for Blackboard that allows NIU faculty to send course grades directly into MyNIU.

“I’ve had countless opportunities to witness firsthand the fact that Ruperto’s abilities go far above and beyond,” said Jason Rhode, director of the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. “The new online directory has become one of the most vital and most used information items within the NIU website.”

Herrera also served as a technical lead for the Program Prioritization Data Support Team.

Leaders of NIU’s Program Prioritization, a process critical to university growth and student career success, now praise his ability to build a custom scoring system from scratch “under incredible time demands with numerous requests for enhancements.”

“He has put in endless hours over and beyond his formal commitment when the success of the project has depended on this,” said Carolinda Douglass, vice provost for Academic Planning and Development. “Clearly, his intelligence, persistence, maturity and hard work will continue to serve him and our institution well.”

The double NIU alum, who hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in management information systems, joined NIU in 2006. 

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