Julie Miller

Julie Miller

Local to DeKalb, Julie Miller began working for NIU over 30 years ago immediately following high school graduation. Working her way up to the critical role of electronic Research Administration (eRA) coordinator in the Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPS), Miller has demonstrated loyalty and perseverance.

In her role, Miller supports many aspects of electronic research administration on campus. As eRA Coordinator, she’s been instrumental in the development and implementation of InfoEd, a software suite utilized by the Division of RIPS to manage proposal development, compliance tracking, technology transfer and data reporting.

“Over six hundred academic, medical and scientific institutions utilize the system. It is no small feat to maintain this type of data system across the multiple divisions, colleges and academic units of a university. Julie maintains NIU's institutional data within the InfoEd system, singularly, herself,” explains Decision Support and Analysis Director Jeff Reynolds.

“She’s the glue that holds systems together that faculty and staff rely on; she provides the funding data that informs institutional decisions,” remarks Research and Sponsored Programs Assistant Vice President Dara Little. “With increased workloads, especially in light of new agency compliance requirements and recent staffing and budget cuts, Julie has increased her load and output, exceeding the duties of her most recent job description by any standard of measurement. But what made the past two years unique for an employee with this dedication, is Julie managed to do this while battling cancer.”

Staff from across campus routinely work with Miller for their reporting needs. Her ability to report research and funding data serves as a vital component to quantify research progress at NIU, inform the Board of Trustees of funding trends and help departments manage program reviews. Julie’s technical skills enable RIPS units to leverage InfoEd, making administration of research and sponsored funding easier for principal investigators and staff.

Taking an active role in data storage structure, and the needs of the Sponsored Programs Administration office, Miller is actively working on SharePoint development for sharing resources with staff in an optimal way. She is also working to help integrate NIU Human Resources information into the InfoEd system, allowing for real time cost calculations and budget preparation.

“Julie is exceptional, friendly and always willing to help,” comments Little. “This shines through when she goes above and beyond to serve the Division and the university community.”

Outside of serving NIU, and just in the past few years, Miller has successfully raised funds for over a dozen charities at fundraising events as a performing musician. She provides support to the DeKalb School District as an alumna and grandparent.

Recognized for her tremendous service to NIU and the broader community, Miller was honored with the 2018 Operating Staff Outstanding Service Award.


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